March 25
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Plant Database - Knowledgebase

We have worked very hard to create and provide a database of plants. This database of plants will allow our members to search and review information about the plants.

Information about the Plant Database
Plants in our database are classified using the natural classification, which is a classification based on the branching of the evolution. The classification that we have used in Ontario Gardening Knowledgebase is as follows:


We wanted to ensure that the information available is not too involved to make it hard to follow for the general public and at the same time we wanted to make it as accurate and meaningful to the professionals that use the site.

Future of Knowledgebase
Currently we have listed 2,027 plant genera and 14,361 plant species with over 2,000 pictures. We are continuously adding plants and content to our knowledgebase. By becoming a member you will be supporting this database and helping us provide better information to you, so we highly encourage you to support us by becoming a gold member.
We also recommend you to send us pictures of plants if you have them available, you will be credited for it. For more information please contact us.

Questions or Suggestions
We strive to make this site a valuable source of information for gardenerís in Ontario. If you have any questions or have suggestions please forward them to us.
We are also working hard to provide a better site and content to our readers. We are actively working with different groups and gardeners. We would love to hear back from our readers, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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