February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Platanaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Platanus This genus in the plane tree family, Platanaceae, consists of about 8 species from the northern temperate zone including Eurasia, North America and Mexico, mostly found growing along valley floors and watercourses. These deciduous trees have inconspicuous spring flowers; globe-shaped fruits on hanging stalks; large, alternate, palmately lobed, simple leaves; and ornamental, flaking, mottled bark. The genus name is derived from the Greek platus, meaning ?broad?, referring to the spreading crown and broad leaves. They are useful large shade trees without spectacular colored foliage in autumn and are widely used as street trees. Many species are highly tolerant of compacted soils and air pollution and will grow well in both temperate and cool climates. CULTIVATION: Most species are adaptable, as can be seen by the many cases of street trees in less than optimum conditions, but they perform best on deep, productive, alluvial soils with a consistent water source such as a permanent stream in full sun. Pruning is not essential, though it is desirable in the early years if a single trunk is to be established. Propagate from seed, cuttings or by layering.

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