December 14
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Plant Genus of the family Staphyleaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Staphylea This is a genus of around 11 species of deciduous shrubs and small trees found over much of the northern temperate zone. They have large trifoliate to pinnate leaves with long leaflets that have serrated edges and taper to a point. They bloom mainly in spring, when they produce terminal panicles of pale green to cream flowers. The flowers are followed by the 2- to 3-lobed inflated seed pods that give the genus its common name of bladdernut. The seed pods dry and brown as they ripen and the foliage sometimes develops attractive warm autumn tones. CULTIVATION: Mostly very hardy, bladdernuts thrive in most well-drained moist soils with a full sun or partial shade exposure. The bushes tend to form a thicket, which they can be left to do, or if pruned after flowering they can be thinned to one or a few main stems and made tree-like. Propagate from seed or summer cuttings; rooted suckers can sometimes be removed and grown on.

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