February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Symplocaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Symplocos This genus of the sweetleaf family consists of 250 species of trees and shrubs, some evergreen and some deciduous, occurring in woodlands in Asia, Australasia and North and South America, in tropical and warm-temperate regions. Their leaves are simple and alternate. Some of the species accumulate aluminum in their tissues and these have yellow-green leaves and blue fruits. Other species have egg-shaped fruits that are black, purple or white. The flowers are yellow or white and are borne in a variety of inflorescences. CULTIVATION: Well-drained, acid to neutral soils are required, in a full sun position. The species in cultivation respond well to regular feeding. The frost tolerance varies between species, depending upon the climate of their original habitat. Propagation is from fresh seed or cuttings, both methods being quite reliable.

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