February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Myrtaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Baeckea This genus of evergreen heath-like shrubs is from the myrtle family. Most species are native to Australia, with a few species found in New Caledonia and one extending into Asia. They range in height from tall shrubs to scrambling almost prostrate species with small neat foliage. The tea-tree-like flowers are small, usually white or in various shades of pink, produced on thin wiry stems, providing a good display in spring and summer. They make very good cut flowers. The dry seed capsules are tiny and in some species take on reddish tints when ripening. CULTIVATION: Most species will grow in a well-drained, moderately fertile soil free from lime and sheltered from drying winds. They prefer sunny or lightly shaded positions. The shrubs resent root disturbance and will not transplant well at an advanced level. Prune bushes lightly after flowering to maintain compact habit. Propagation is from half-hardened tip cuttings.

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