December 10
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Plant Genus of the family Aloeaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Aloe This genus comprises about 330 species of evergreen succulent plants that are found through southern and tropical Africa to Madagascar and the Arabian Peninsula. They range from low-growing grass-like perennials to trees of 50 ft (15 m) as well as shrubs and climbers. Their succulent leaves grow in rosettes or spirals at the stem or branch tips and are usually toothed or spiny and lance-shaped, varying greatly in width and length. The tubular flowers are red or yellow and appear in late winter or spring on spikes that often have long stems. With their striking architectural form and brilliant flowers, aloes are popular landscaping plants in warm dry areas and many can be grown to good effect in containers. CULTIVATION: Aloes require warm, dry and well-drained conditions. They can tolerate soils of low fertility. Most prefer to grow in full sun although some smaller species do well in partially shaded situations. In cool-temperate climates they are suitable for greenhouse culture, and potted plants can be moved outdoors during the summer months. Propagation is by seed or, more easily, from stem cuttings or offsets.

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