February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Buddlejaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Buddleja The name of this genus of deciduous, semi-deciduous and evergreen plants from America, Asia and South Africa can be spelt buddleja or buddleia. The genus consists of about 100 species of which a few shrubby or tree-like ones are garden grown. There are also some decorative cultivars that are grown for their profuse, small, fragrant flowers that are held in large eye-catching panicles. The leaves are, with the exception of Buddleja alternifolia, paired and opposite. Speaking generally, the plants are tough, undemanding, quick growing and salt tolerant. They are also sun loving and vigorous and, if given shelter, can be grown in climates considerably cooler than those found in their native habitats. CULTIVATION: Basic requirements include sunlight, good drainage, fertile soil and, from the gardener?s point of view, regular pruning. Some show a mild preference for chalky and limy soils. Propagate from half-hardened cuttings in summer.

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