February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Cercidiphyllaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Cercidiphyllum Belonging to the Cercidiphyllaceae family, this single-species genus is represented by just 3 forms of the species, and is closely allied to the magnolia family. It is the largest deciduous native tree species in China and Japan. A distinctive elegant habit of horizontally held branches and heart-shaped leaves that color well?red, pink and yellow?in autumn are the most notable characteristics of the species. Commonly it is found with trunks forked low to the ground, making it vulnerable to damage in strong winds. CULTIVATION: A sheltered position is essential to avoid disfigurement from drying winds and late spring frosts. Regular summer moisture is required and preferably rich soils. Propagate from seed after first subjecting to cold. Cuttings are readily struck in late spring-early summer in cool moist conditions.

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