February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Cistaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Helianthemum Related to Cistus and sharing the same common names, the 110 or so evergreen and semi-evergreen shrubs and subshrubs in this genus are perhaps less widely grown but have a wider natural range that encompasses Eurasia, North Africa and the Americas. Most are relatively short-lived, low mounding plants that rarely reach 18?in (45?cm) high. The foliage is often hairy, giving it a gray-green coloration. Their flowers, which resemble tiny single roses, are individually short lived but appear over much of late spring and summer. They are usually in bright shades of yellow, orange, red or pink, with bright yellow stamens massed at the center. CULTIVATION: These little shrubs need sunlight for their flowers to develop and open properly. Most are at home in sunny borders, rockeries or large containers such as alpine troughs. The soil should be rather gritty and free draining. They appreciate moisture in summer but are better kept dry in winter. Trim lightly after flowering to shape and encourage vigor. The species may be raised from seed; hybrids and cultivars should be propagated by cuttings or by removing rooted pieces from established plants.

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