February 8
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Plant Genus of the family Clusiaceae

Genus Description Cultivation
Hypericum There are more than 400 species within this genus of deciduous, semi-evergreen and evergreen annuals, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and a few trees. These occur worldwide in a variety of habitats. Some hypericums are used locally as medicinal plants. Hypericum species have simple smooth-edged leaves in opposite pairs and usually yellow 5-petalled flowers with a central bunch of many stamens. CULTIVATION: Most species will thrive in sun or partial shade in good garden soil. While H. calycinum will take root along its prostrate branches in dry shade, it will also do well in partial shade. It is useful to hold steep banks in place. H. bucklei and H. olympicum are useful rock-garden plants and need sharp drainage. Most of the North American species prefer damper growing conditions. Evergreen species are best sheltered from cold drying winds. Propagate by sowing seed in autumn, however seed may not come true, as different species hybridize readily. Softwood cuttings can be taken in spring, and half-hardened cuttings in summer.

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