December 12
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Glossay of Terms Meaning of words and their reference
Plant Orders Orders of plant that can be browsed
Plant Families Plant families and you can also drill into the genus
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Glossary of Terms

Abscission Achene Acid
Acuminate Acute Adventitious
Aerial Air layering Alkaline
Alpine Alternate Angiosperm
Annual Anther Apical
Appressed Aquatic Arctic
Areole Aril Ascending
Auricle Auriculate Awn
Axil Axillary Bamboo
Bark Basal Berry
Biennial Binomial Bipinnate
Bipinnatifid Bisexual Blade
Bole Botanical name Botany
Bract Bracteole Bud
Budding Bulb Buttress
Cactus Callus Calyx
Cambium Campanulate Cane
Canopy Capitulum (head) Capsule
Carpel Catkin Caudex
Cauliflorous Chalk Chlorophyll
Chlorosis Cladode Clay
Clone Columnar Common name
Compound Cone Conifer
Conservatory Cool-temperate Cordate
Corm Corolla Corona
Corymb Cotyledon Crenate
Crenulate Cross Cross-pollination
Crown Crownshaft Crozier
Cultivar Cultivar group Cultivated
Cuneate Cupule Cutting
Cycad Cyme Deciduous
Decussate Dehiscent Dentate
Denticulate Dicotyledon Digitate (palmate)
Dioecious Disc floret Disease
Dispersal Distichous Dormant
Double Drupe Drupelet
Elliptic Emarginate Embryo
Endemic Entire Epicormic
Epiphyte Erect Escape (garden escape)
Espalier Essential oil Even-pinnate
Evergreen Exotic Falcate
Family Fan palm Fascicle
Fastigiate Feather palm Female
Fern Fertile Fertilize
Filament Fimbriate Floret
Flower Flowerhead Flowering plant
Fodder Follicle Forma
Frond Frost hardy Fruit
Fungus Funnelform Genotype
Genus Germination Glabrous
Gland Glaucous Globose
Grex Growth habit Gymnosperm
Gynophore Habitat Hair
Hardy Hastate Haw
Head Heath Hemisphere
Herb Herbaceous Hermaphrodite
Hip (hep) Hirsute Hispid
Horticulture Humus Hybrid
Imbricate Incised Incurved
Indigenous Inflorescence Informal
Insectivorous Internode Introduced
Invasive Involucre Juvenile
Keel Laciniate Lamina
Lanceolate Lateral Latex
Leader Leaflet Legume
Lenticel Liane Lichen
Lignotuber Ligule Limb
Lime Linear Lithophyte
Loam Lobe Male
Mallee Margin Mediterranean
Mericarp Meristem Mesocarp
Midrib Monocotyledon Monoecious
Monsoonal Moss Mucronate
Mulch Mycorrhiza Native
Naturalized Nectar Needle
Neutral Nitrogen-fixing Node
Nut Nutrient Obcordate
Oblanceolate Oblong Obovate
Obovoid Obtuse Ochrea (ocrea)
Odd-pinnate Operculum Opposite
Orbicular Orchid Order
Organic Ornamental Ovary
Ovate Ovoid Ovule
Palm Palmate Palmatifid
Panicle Pantropical Parasite
Peat Pedicel Peduncle
Peltate Perennial Perfoliate
Perianth Persistent Pest
Petal Petiole Petiolule
pH Phenotype Phloem
Photosynthesis Phylloclade Phyllode
Pilose Pine Pinna
Pinnate Pinnatifid Pinnule
Pistil Pith Plumose
Pneumatophore Pod Pollen
Pollination Pome Prickle
Propagation Prostrate Pseudostem
Pseudowhorl Pubescence Pubescent
Pungent Race Raceme
Rachis (rhachis) Rainforest Ray (medullary ray)
Ray floret Receptacle Recurved
Reflexed Reticulate Retuse
Revolute Rhachis Rhizome
Root Rootstock Rosette
Rugose Rust fungus Sagittate
Salverform Samara Sand
Saprophyte Savannah (savanna) Scale
Scale leaves Scape Schizocarp
Scion Sclerophyll Seed
Seed leaf Seedhead Segment
Semi-double Sepal Series
Serrate Serrulate Sessile
Sheath Shoot Shrub
Silt Simple Single
Sinuate Soil Solitary
Sorus Spadix Spathe
Spathulate Species Spermatophytes
Sphagnum Spike Spikelet
Spine Spore Sporophyll
Spur Stalk Stamen
Staminode Standard Stem
Sterile Stigma Stipe
Stipule Stolon Stomate
Stool Strain Stratify
Striate Style Subarctic
Subgenus Subshrub Subsoil
Subspecies Substrate Subtend
Subtropical Subulate Succulent
Sucker Syncarp Synonym
Tannin Taproot Taxonomy
Temperate Tendril Terete
Terminal Terrestrial Tessellated
Tetraploid Thorn Throat
Tomentose Tree Tree fern
Tribe Trifoliate Tropical
Truncate Trunk Truss
Tuber Umbel Undulate
Unisexual Urceolate Variegated
Variety Vascular Vein
Venation Vine Warm-temperate
Weed Whorled Winged
Witch?s broom Wood Woody
Xerophyte Xylem

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