March 25
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Glossay of Terms Meaning of words and their reference
Plant Orders Orders of plant that can be browsed
Plant Families Plant families and you can also drill into the genus
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Plant Order Classifications

Alismatales Apiales Arales
Arecales Aristolochiales Asterales
Callitrichales Calycerales Campanulales
Capparales Caryophyllales Celastrales
Commelinales Cornales Cyperales
Diapensiales Dilleniales Dipsacales
Ebenales Equisetales Ericales
Eriocaulales Euphorbiales Fabales
Fagales Gentianales Geraniales
Ginkgoales Haloragales Hamamelidales
Hydrocharitales Hydropteridales Isoetales
Juglandales Juncales Lamiales
Laurales Lecythidales Liliales
Linales Lycopodiales Magnoliales
Malvales Myricales Myrtales
Najadales Nepenthales Nymphaeales
Ophioglossales Orchidales Papaverales
Pinales Piperales Plantaginales
Plumbaginales Podostemales Polygalales
Polygonales Polypodiales Primulales
Proteales Ranunculales Rhamnales
Rosales Rubiales Salicales
Santalales Sapindales Scrophulariales
Selaginellales Solanales Taxales
Theales Typhales Urticales
Violales Zingiberales

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