December 13
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Acacia senegal


Order: Fabales
   Family: Fabaceae
            Genus: Acacia
                        Specie: Acacia senegal

Planting Season: Evergreen

Height at Maturity: 15 ft (4.5 m)

Cultivation: Well-drained soil in a sunny position

Features: Pale yellow flaky bark; fragrant white flower spikes autumn?winter

Uses: Shade tree

Zones: 10-12

Description: One of the sources of gum arabic, this acacia occurs widely through the plains of Africa, from Senegal in West Africa to Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. It makes a rounded shrub or small tree, rarely more than 15 ft (4.5 m) tall with attractive pale flaky

Growth Habit: Round domed shrub with sparse branches

Comments: Source of gum arabic

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