January 23
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Acacia tortilis


Order: Fabales
   Family: Fabaceae
            Genus: Acacia
                        Specie: Acacia tortilis

Planting Season: Evergreen

Height at Maturity: 30 ft (9 m)

Cultivation: Well-drained soil in a sunny position

Features: Bluish green bipinnate leaves; scented white to pale yellow clusters of globular flowers in mid-summer

Uses: Shade tree Food source

Zones: 9-11

Description: From most parts of Africa and the Arabian peninsula, this widespread and well-known tree about 30 ft (9 m) high only fully develops its characteristic umbrella-shaped crown on mature specimens. The very sharp spines are mixed, some straight, slender and l

Growth Habit: Multi-branched tree with spreading umbrella-shaped canopy

Comments: Sharp thorns

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