December 14
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Gymnocladus dioica


Order: Fabales
   Family: Fabaceae
            Genus: Gymnocladus
                        Specie: Gymnocladus dioica

Planting Season: Deciduous

Height at Maturity: 75 ft (23 m)

Cultivation: Well-drained soil

Features: Large leaves with 8?14 leaflets turn yellow in autumn; greenish white flowers; red-brown fruit

Uses: Tree for large landscapes Specimen tree Foliage contrast Flower contrast Autumn color Winter silhouette

Zones: 4?8

Description: This handsome slow-growing tree is native to central and eastern North America. Growing to 75?ft (23?m) tall, and about 12?ft (3.5?m) wide, it has coarsely textured bark, thick branchlets, and light gray, almost white, young twigs giving it a striking app

Growth Habit: Large spreading canopy

Comments: Variegated form available

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