September 25
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Aeonium arboreum


Order: Rosales
   Family: Crassulaceae
            Genus: Aeonium
                        Specie: Aeonium arboreum

Planting Season: Evergreen

Height at Maturity: 6 ft (1.8 m)

Cultivation: Well-drained soil in full sun

Features: Rosettes of bright green leaves; yellow flowers spring?summer

Uses: Rock gardens Succulent gardens

Zones: 9?10

Description: Found in various forms on the west coast of Morocco, this heavily branching species can grow to over 6?ft (1.8?m) tall with bright green leaves in rosettes 6?8?in (15?20?cm) wide. It produces large conical heads of yellow flowers in spring and in winter i

Growth Habit: Multi-branching from base

Comments: Drought tolerant

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