September 22
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Bischofia javanica


Order: Violales
   Family: Bixaceae
            Genus: Bischofia
                        Specie: Bischofia javanica

Planting Season: Evergreen

Height at Maturity: 100 ft (30 m)

Cultivation: Deep well-drained soil

Features: Leaves have three or five leaflets; panicles of green flowers in spring

Uses: Tropical gardens Shade tree

Zones: 9-12

Description: Widely distributed through Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands, toog (its Hawaiian name) is a large forest tree with a thick trunk, large spreading limbs and pale brown bark. It can reach 100 ft (30 m) in height and almost as much in spread, with a rou

Growth Habit: Spreading with dense crown

Comments: Can become invasive outside natural habitat

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