December 18
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Acacia catechu


Order: Fabales
   Family: Fabaceae
            Genus: Acacia
                        Specie: Acacia catechu

Planting Season: Evergreen

Height at Maturity: 60 ft (18 m)

Cultivation: Well-drained soil in a sunny position

Features: Fine bipinnate leaves; branches have hooked spines; yellow flowers in spikes in spring

Uses: Tanning Dyeing Medicinal properties

Zones: 10-12

Description: Native to Pakistan, India and Myanmar, this species is notable for its range of economic uses. Both wood and bark are used in tanning and dyeing (the original khaki dye comes from it), and the tannin has many medicinal uses, as well as being chewed with b

Growth Habit: Spiny spreading tree

Comments: Khaki dye comes from this plant

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