December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Abies

Information about this genus
Name: Abies
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Abies grow best in neutral to acid, moist fertile soil with good drainage in full sun; some species tolerate alkaline soil (Abies pinsapo and A. vejarii) and most will tolerate some shade. Some juvenile trees need shelter from cold winds. Adelgids and honey fungus can be a problem. Seed should be sown as soon as it ripens, but needs to be stratified for 3 weeks for better germination. Grafting of cultivars should be undertaken in winter.
Description: This genus in the Pinaceae family consists of about 50 species, the majority of which occur in the northern temperate zones of Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. Mostly long-lived and medium to very tall, the trees have long, narrow, smooth leaves, in whorls on the branches. On lateral branches they grow more horizontally. The leaf color ranges from mid to dark green, often with a grayish white band. Female cones are carried erect on upper branches and ripen in a year. The cones then break open to release the seeds, while the central stalk remains on the branch. The hanging male cones grow throughout the crown. These trees are fully hardy but frost damage can occur on juvenile foliage.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Abies alba 6-9
Abies amabilis 5-9
Abies bracteata 7-10
Abies cephalonica 7-10
Abies chensiensis 6?10
Abies cilicica 7-10
Abies concolor 5-9
Abies delavayi 7-9
Abies fargesii 7-9
Abies firma 6-9
Abies forrestii 7-9
Abies fraseri 6-9
Abies grandis 6-9
Abies koreana 5-8
Abies lasiocarpa 4-9
Abies nordmanniana 4-8
Abies numidica 6-9
Abies pindrow 7-9
Abies pinsapo 6-8
Abies procera 4-9
Abies recurvata 6-9
Abies religiosa 8-10
Abies sachalinensis 6-9
Abies spectabilis 7-9
Abies veitchii 6-9
balsamea 3-8
homolepis 5-9
magnifica 5-9

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