December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Rhodotypos

Information about this genus
Name: Rhodotypos
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Rhodotypos is frost hardy and easily cultivated in most temperate areas in sun or partial shade. It prefers a well-drained humus-rich soil and ample summer moisture, which will also result in a better fruit crop. Prune in winter after the last berries have fallen. Propagate from stratified seed, layers, or hardwood cuttings in winter, or half-hardened cuttings in summer.
Description: The sole species in this genus is a deciduous shrub native to China and Japan. A member of the rose family, it is cultivated mainly for its spring flowers and, to a lesser extent, for the black berries that ripen over summer and last well into winter. The serrated foliage is a fresh green throughout the warmer months and sometimes develops slight red or yellow colors in autumn.

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scandens 5?9

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