March 25
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Plant Species of the genus Ruta

Information about this genus
Name: Ruta
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These plants are very easily grown in any well-drained soil, preferably in full sun. Established plants may be trimmed to shape, but hard pruning is seldom necessary. Propagate from seed or half-hardened cuttings.
Description: Mostly subshrubs, some of the 8 species that make up this genus can become shrubby in mild climates. The genus, found throughout temperate Eurasia, is renowned as the source of several herbs that since ancient times have been used both medicinally and in beverage manufacture. The foliage is a grayish blue-green and finely divided. Small yellow flowers in cymose heads appear in summer and are followed by insignificant greenish seed heads.

Specie Vernacular Zone
graveolens 5?9

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