September 25
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Plant Species of the genus Sambucus

Information about this genus
Name: Sambucus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Elders are not difficult to grow and some species are only too easily cultivated; think twice before deliberately introducing Sambucus nigra to your garden, even if elderberry wine appeals. They are not fussy about soil type as long as the ground remains fairly moist in summer, nor are they worried by brief periods of waterlogging in winter. Most species are very frost hardy and will reshoot even if cut to the ground by frost. Prune to shape as necessary and propagate from seed or cuttings.
Description: The genus, the home of the elderberries, encompasses around 25 species of perennials, shrubs and small trees that are mostly deciduous. Some are ornamental and relatively well-behaved, others are invasive weeds, though they do have their uses, especially the flowers and fruit, which are used for homemade wines, jams and jellies. The foliage is sometimes used medicinally, either crushed and applied directly to painful areas or infused and taken internally. Elders have pinnate leaves that are often composed of a few relatively large leaflets with serrated edges. The deciduous species come quickly into leaf in spring and are soon carrying large umbel-like heads of small white to creamy yellow flowers that develop into quick-ripening, usually red to black berries.

Specie Vernacular Zone
canadensis 3?9
ebulus dwarf elderberry
nigra 5?10
pubens 5?9
racemosa 4?9
Sambucus caerulea 5?9

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