December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Senna

Information about this genus
Name: Senna
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: All species are frost tender and need to be grown in well-drained soils in open sunny positions. The soil pH generally seems not to be overly important. Those species that originate from low-rainfall desert regions appear to be more frost hardy. Propagation is usually from seed, which germinates readily after pre-treatment, or from cuttings.
Description: This genus contains about 350 species of tropical and warm-temperate trees, shrubs and a few climbers, most occurring in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. It is a member of the cassia subfamily of the legume family, and, until recent years, was included in the genus Cassia. All species have pinnate leaves and almost all are evergreen. The majority have yellow flowers, a few with pink flowers, but all are very showy when in flower and many are cultivated for this reason. Many of these species are the source of chemical compounds used medicinally. Their fruits are relatively large and are long, flat or rounded pods. Many species have become invasive weeds in countries where they have escaped from cultivation.

Specie Vernacular Zone
hebecarpa American senna
marilandica Maryland senna
obtusifolia Java-bean
occidentalis septicweed
Senna alata 9-12
Senna artemisioides 9-10
Senna didymobotrya 10?12
Senna italica 10-12
Senna multijuga 9-12
Senna odorata 9-10
Senna phyllodinea 9-10
Senna polyphylla 10?12
Senna siamea 10-11
Senna spectabilis 10-12
tora sickle senna

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