December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Sorbus

Information about this genus
Name: Sorbus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most Sorbus species are very hardy and generally prefer a cool climate, suffering in high summer temperatures. They grow best in moderately fertile, deep, humus-enriched soil with ample summer moisture, but adapt well to most conditions. Plant in sun or partial shade, prune to shape in autumn or winter and propagate from stratified seed or by grafting. Where present, fireblight can cause significant damage. Also, pear slugs sometimes skeletonize the foliage.
Description: There are some 100-odd species of deciduous shrubs and trees in this genus from the northern temperate zones. They belong to the rose family and in flower and fruit are often reminiscent of their relatives, Crateagus (hawthorn), Pyracantha (firethorn) and Cotoneaster. The foliage is usually pinnate with serrated-edged leaflets, but may be simple and oval to diamond-shaped. Clusters of white or cream, sometimes pink-tinted, spring flowers, somewhat unpleasantly scented, are followed by heads of berry-like pomes that ripen through summer and autumn. The foliage of some species colors well in autumn, developing russet to red tones. The timber of some species is used to make small items.

Specie Vernacular Zone
americana 2?9
aucuparia 2?9
decora 2?8
hybrida oakleaf mountain ash
Sorbus 3 arnoldiana 5?9
Sorbus 3 hostii 6-9
Sorbus 3 kewensis 4?9
Sorbus 3 thuringiaca 6?9
Sorbus alnifolia 6?9
Sorbus anglica 7?9
Sorbus aria 5-9
Sorbus cashmiriana 5-9
Sorbus chamaemespilus 6?9
Sorbus commixta 6?9
Sorbus domestica 6?10
Sorbus forrestii 7-9
Sorbus hedlundii 8-10
Sorbus hupehensis 6?9
Sorbus Hybrid Cultivars 6?9
Sorbus insignis 8?10
Sorbus intermedia 5-9
Sorbus megalocarpa 6?9
Sorbus mougeotii 6-9
Sorbus pallescens 5-9
Sorbus pohuashanensis 5-9
Sorbus prattii 6?9
Sorbus pseudofennica 6-9
Sorbus randaiensis 7-10
Sorbus reducta 6?10
Sorbus sargentiana 6?9
Sorbus scalaris 5?9
Sorbus thibetica 8?10
Sorbus torminalis 6?10
Sorbus vilmorinii 6?9
Sorbus wilsoniana 6-9

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