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Plant Species of the genus Solanum

Information about this genus
Name: Solanum
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These species vary in hardiness, though few are really frost tolerant and most are quite tender. They are generally easily grown in any well-aerated well-drained soil, and some are so easily grown that they have become serious weeds in various parts of the world. Most species prefer sun or partial shade. Propagate from seed or cuttings, or in a few cases by division.
Description: Famous for the humble potato (Solanum tuberosum) in its myriad forms, this genus includes some 1,400 species of often tuberous-rooted herbs, vines, shrubs and trees that have a cosmopolitan distribution, with many from tropical America. The trees and shrubs may be evergreen or deciduous and many are armed with thorns. They are a variable lot but their flowers are all remarkably similar, being simple, small, 5-petalled structures carried singly or in clusters with a central cone of yellow stamens. Fleshy berries follow the flowers and are often the most brightly colored part of the plant. Some have spherical fruit, while others have elongated fruit shaped like chillies. The berries are usually somewhat poisonous and, because of their conspicuous color, may be attractive to children.

Specie Vernacular Zone
carolinense Carolina horsenettle
dimidiatum western horsenettle
dulcamara climbing nightshade
elaeagnifolium silverleaf nightshade
heterodoxum New Mexican nightshade
lycopersicum garden tomato
melongena eggplant
nigrum black nightshade
physalifolium hoe nightshade
pseudocapsicum 9?11
ptychanthum West Indian nightshade
rostratum buffalobur nightshade
sisymbriifolium sticky nightshade
Solanum aviculare 9?11
Solanum erianthum 10-11
Solanum laciniatum 9-11
Solanum mauritianum 10?11
Solanum quitoense 10?12
Solanum rantonnetii 10?11
Solanum wrightii 10?12
Solanum xantii 9-11
triflorum cutleaf nightshade
tuberosum Irish potato
viarum tropical soda apple

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