January 16
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Plant Species of the genus Sophora

Information about this genus
Name: Sophora
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: While hardiness varies with the species, most adapt well to cultivation and thrive in any well-drained soil with a position in sun or light shade. Propagate from seed, cuttings or, in some cases, grafting. The seed is very moisture resistant and must be soaked in warm water before sowing. This feature allows the seed to survive prolonged exposure to seawater and accounts for the unusual distribution patterns of some species.
Description: This widespread genus includes over 50 species of evergreen, deciduous or briefly deciduous shrubs and trees. They have pinnate leaves, often composed of many tiny leaflets. The flowers are pea-like, usually cream or yellow in color, and frequently have a prominent keel; they are carried in racemes or panicles. Spring is the main flowering season, though the tropical species are less seasonal in their flowering. Woody winged seed pods follow the flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
japonica 5-9
Sophora affinis 8?10
Sophora davidii 6?9
Sophora macrocarpa 9?11
Sophora microphylla 8?10
Sophora mollis 8-10
Sophora prostrata 8?10
Sophora secundiflora 8?11
Sophora tetraptera 8?10
Sophora tomentosa 10?12

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