September 25
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Plant Species of the genus Sorbaria

Information about this genus
Name: Sorbaria
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These attractive plants are grown for both their foliage and flowers. They prefer a fertile moisture-retentive soil in sun or part-shade and should be planted in a position with protection from strong winds which may damage the foliage. Cut back in early spring and remove any old weak branches at ground level. Propagation is by removal of suckers or from cuttings taken in summer.
Description: This genus, native to Asia, is a member of the rose family and is commonly called false spiraea as the flowers are similar. There are 4 species of deciduous, usually suckering shrubs with pinnate leaves; they bear large terminal panicles of small white flowers in summer followed by masses of small brownish seed capsules which often persist into winter.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Sorbaria grandiflora 5?9
Sorbaria tomentosa 6?10
sorbifolia 2?9

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