December 13
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Plant Species of the genus Spiraea

Information about this genus
Name: Spiraea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They thrive in most soils, though some grow poorly on chalk, and prefer a sunny position and cool moist conditions. For pruning purposes, they fall into 2 groups: those that flower on the current year?s growth, which can be hard pruned in spring, and those that flower on the previous year?s growth, which should have old flowering shoots removed just after flowering. Propagation is from soft-tip or half-hardened cuttings in summer.
Description: A genus of about 70 species of mainly deciduous, sometimes semi-evergreen, flowering shrubs in the rose family, it is valued for its flowering and foliage qualities. Leaves are simple and alternate, variously toothed and lobed. The genus is found in many northern temperate areas, mainly in eastern and southeastern Asia and in North America.

Specie Vernacular Zone
alba 5-9
betulifolia 5?10
bumalda Japanese spiraea
cantoniensis 5?11
chamaedryfolia Germander meadowsweet
japonica 3?10
latifolia 4?10
prunifolia 4?10
salicifolia 3?10
septentrionalis northern meadowsweet
Spiraea 3 billardii 4?10
Spiraea 3 cinerea 5-9
Spiraea 3 vanhouttei 5?11
Spiraea ?Arguta? 4?10
Spiraea ?Snow White? 3-9
Spiraea blumei 6-9
Spiraea canescens 4?10
Spiraea densiflora 6?10
Spiraea douglasii 4?10
Spiraea fritschiana 4-9
Spiraea mollifolia 6-9
Spiraea nervosa 6-10
Spiraea nipponica 5?10
Spiraea trichocarpa 5?9
thunbergii 4?10
tomentosa 4?10
trilobata 6?9
virginiana Virginia meadowsweet

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