January 18
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Plant Species of the genus Teucrium

Information about this genus
Name: Teucrium
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Requiring a sunny position and well-drained soil, they will tolerate the dry heat of the inland but do best in coastal areas. A light pruning of the ends of the branchlets to remove spent inflorescences and stimulate lateral growth should be carried out immediately after the summer flowering period. Propagation is best from firm tip cuttings taken in summer.
Description: Members of this genus of about 100 species of herbs, shrubs and subshrubs in the mint family occur in warm-temperate regions, particularly around the Mediterranean. The shrubs of the genus are attractive and often colorful flowering plants. All have characteristic squarish stems, opposite leaves and 2-lipped flowers in whorls.

Specie Vernacular Zone
botrys cutleaf germander
canadense western germander
orientale oriental germander
Teucrium corymbosum 9?11
Teucrium fruticans 8?10
Teucrium marum 9?11

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