December 17
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Plant Species of the genus Tephrosia

Information about this genus
Name: Tephrosia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most species are frost tender but if given a good protective mulch in winter in cooler areas they should resprout from the base in spring. They will grow in any soil that is well drained and can tolerate quite arid conditions. Propagation is from seed, which requires hot water treatment.
Description: Part of the legume family, this genus contains about 400 species of usually evergreen perennials or shrubs native to tropical and subtropical areas. They show considerable variation and may be erect or sprawling, with alternate leaves comprised of 1 to 41 leaflets. The flowers, borne in pairs or clusters, are typical of those in the pea family and range in color from orange to purple.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Tephrosia candida 11-12
Tephrosia grandiflora 9?11
virginiana Virginia tephrosia

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