December 13
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Plant Species of the genus Ulmus

Information about this genus
Name: Ulmus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: In the main, elms are tough plants that adapt well to cultivation, growing successfully in a range of soils provided the drainage is good. However, in some areas populations have been decimated by Dutch elm disease, a fungal infection carried by small beetles with wood-boring larvae. Growing elms where the disease is present is difficult and almost certain to result in heartache at some stage. In disease-free areas, though, they couldn?t be more straightforward and are among the most stately and interesting of trees. Propagate by seed or grafting.
Description: There are some 45 species of elms. Most are trees, some of them very large, though a few are shrubs. Although most are deciduous and very hardy, a few are semi-evergreen and not so tough. They are spread over the northern temperate zones and even extend into the subtropics. Although elms are a diverse lot they tend to share similar characteristics and are fairly easily recognizable. They are generally round-headed trees with bark that is often furrowed or fissured though seldom corky, except on the young shoots. The leaves are usually elliptical with conspicuous veins and serrated edges. The flowers are inconspicuous but the papery winged fruits (samaras) that follow can be showy and may occasionally be mistaken for flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
alata 4?9
americana 3?9
carpinifolia 5?10
glabra 5?9
procera 4?9
pumila 3?9
rubra 3?9
thomasii 2?9
Ulmus 3 hollandica 5?9
Ulmus ?Coolshade? 3-9
Ulmus ?Koopmannii? 5-9
Ulmus ?Sapporo Autumn Gold? 4-9
Ulmus ?Sarniensis? 7-10
Ulmus castaneifolia 6-9
Ulmus crassifolia 7?10
Ulmus davidiana 6?9
Ulmus japonica 5-9
Ulmus laevis 4?9
Ulmus macrocarpa 5-9
Ulmus parvifolia 5?10
Ulmus serotina 6?9
Ulmus villosa 5?9

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