December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Vitex

Information about this genus
Name: Vitex
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: As expected of a genus with tropical members, many species are frost-tender, but some are quite hardy and will tolerate moderate frosts. In general, Vitex species prefer to avoid the extremes of soil moisture, being tolerant of neither drought nor waterlogging. Plant in moist, fertile, well-drained soil and water well in summer. Most are best with at least half-day sun. Hard pruning is seldom required but trim to shape as necessary. Propagate from seed or cuttings.
Description: This unusual genus that encompasses several seemingly very different species is made up of some 250 species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs and has a widespread distribution in the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate zones. The foliage is usually digitately divided with up to 7 leaflets, but sometimes only one; it may be smooth-edged or toothed; the surface may be smooth and glossy, downy or felted. The flowers are clustered in panicles, racemes or cymes but may be tiny, like those of Vitex agnus-castus, or relatively large, like those of V. lucens. The flower color range is also wide, which adds up to a variable genus about which it is difficult to generalize.

Specie Vernacular Zone
agnus-castus 7?10
negundo 8?11
Vitex lucens 9?11
Vitex rotundifolia 10?12
Vitex trifolia 10?12

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