December 15
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Plant Species of the genus Yucca

Information about this genus
Name: Yucca
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Yuccas grow best in loamy soil with good drainage, but will tolerate poor sandy soil. In colder regions it is best to grow the tender species in large pots in loam-based potting compost and overwinter indoors. Grown outdoors they need good light in summer, a monthly feed and careful watering. Yucca species range from frost hardy to frost tender. Propagation is by sowing seed in spring, although seed may take some time to germinate. Take root cuttings in winter, or remove suckers in spring.
Description: Native to dry regions of North and Central America and the West Indies, there are about 40 species in this genus within the Agavaceae family, which include evergreen herbaceous perennials as well as trees and shrubs. They have a strong bold form and strap- to lance-shaped leaves arranged in rosettes. Bell- to cup-shaped flowers are held on usually erect panicles. Yucca whipplei has the record for the fastest plant growth; its inflorescence grows to 12 ft (3.5 m) in 14 days.

Specie Vernacular Zone
filamentosa 6-10
recurvifolia 8?11
Yucca aloifolia 8?11
Yucca baccata 9?11
Yucca brevifolia 7?10
Yucca desmetiana 9?11
Yucca elata 9?11
Yucca elephantipes 10?12
Yucca filifera 8-11
Yucca glauca 4?9
Yucca gloriosa 7?10
Yucca rigida 8-11
Yucca rostrata 8-10
Yucca schottii 9?11
Yucca whipplei 8-11

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