December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Zelkova

Information about this genus
Name: Zelkova
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Quite frost hardy, these spreading round-headed trees develop a better shape if sheltered from strong winds when young. They also benefit from pruning to encourage a strong single trunk. Plant in deep, fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Propagate from seed, root cuttings of young potted plants or by grafting.
Description: Allied to the elms (Ulmus) but not troubled by Dutch elm disease, the 5 deciduous trees in this genus are found from the Caucasus to Japan. They have simple, pointed, elliptical leaves with conspicuous veins and heavily serrated edges. The foliage often develops attractive gold to russet autumn colors. In some species the bark is an attractive feature, flaking to reveal interesting patterns and colors. The separate male and female flowers are largely inconspicuous, as are the small nut-like fruits.

Specie Vernacular Zone
serrata 5?9
Zelkova carpinifolia 5?9
Zelkova schneideriana 6?9
Zelkova sinica 6-10

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