March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Tecoma

Information about this genus
Name: Tecoma
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Fast-growing tecomas make fine ornamentals for the tropical and subtropical garden, suitable for a shrub border or as lawn specimens. In cool climates they can only be grown as potted shrubs in a greenhouse or conservatory. They like a sunny but sheltered position and reasonably fertile soil with good drainage. Propagation is from fresh seed, or from tip cuttings or larger cuttings from the previous year?s growth; suckering species such as Tecoma capensis can also be divided or layered.
Description: There are 13 species of mostly evergreen trees and scrambling shrubs in this genus of the bignonia family. All but one are native to the Americas, from southern Arizona and Mexico to the West Indies and South America as far south as Argentina. One species (Tecoma capensis), until recently placed in the separate genus Tecomaria, is native to southern and eastern Africa. They grow in a variety of habitats but favor disturbed areas with strong, light, fertile soil. Pinnate leaves are borne in opposite pairs and the leaflets have toothed edges. Flowers borne in showy terminal clusters are yellow, orange or red, funnel-shaped or narrowly bell-shaped, with 5 unequal petals. The fruit is a smallish pod splitting into 2 halves to release quantities of small, delicate, papery seeds.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Tecoma 3 smithii 10-12
Tecoma capensis 9?12
Tecoma castanifolia 10?12
Tecoma garrocha 10?12
Tecoma stans 10?12

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