December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Dracaena

Information about this genus
Name: Dracaena
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: In the garden, Dracaena species prefer a rich, moist well-drained soil in a protected sunny position, or a standard potting mix in diffused sunlight or full shade. Propagation is from stem or tip cuttings; root cuttings, preferably with bottom heat; or from seed sown in spring.
Description: This genus of about 40 perennial herbs and evergreen shrubs or trees, mostly from tropical West Africa, has smooth, glossy, sword-like leaves which are often variegated, and terminal panicles of short-lived flowers. Some species have a spiky growth habit, while others are softer and more shrubby. The fruit is a berry. They are grown for their ornamental value in the garden and many varieties are popular as container plants.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Dracaena concinna 9-11
Dracaena deremensis 9-11
Dracaena draco 10-12
Dracaena fragrans 9-11
Dracaena goldieana 9-11
Dracaena reflexa 10-12
Dracaena surculosa 9-11

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