January 18
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Plant Species of the genus Betula

Information about this genus
Name: Betula
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Birches are among the hardiest trees. They can stand extreme cold and exposure to wind. Birches do best in well-drained fertile soil, with some moisture, in full sun or light shade. Take softwood cuttings in summer or half-hardened cuttings in autumn: mist propagation is advisable, or graft cultivars in winter. Seed from birches grown in gardens usually does not come true. Birches are susceptible to several fungi including Armillaria melea and Piptoporus betulinus; the latter, specific to the birch family, will destroy the tree.
Description: This genus in the family of Betulaceae consists of about 60 deciduous species occurring in mountains, heath, moors and woodland throughout the temperate and arctic zones of the Northern Hemisphere. Depending on the species these can be small shrubs or tall trees. Tree trunks are often marked in shades of white-pink to a glossy brown and in many species the outer layer of bark peels off in thin paper-like strips. Historically, many countries have used these strips as material to write on. Ancient Buddhist literature is one such example. The wood from many species is used for timber for the furniture trade, as plywood or wood pulp. Sap and leaves are used medicinally, as food or drink, and as dye-stuff. The young tree and small twigs are often red-brown with pendulous male catkins and erect female catkins carried on the same tree. The catkins are formed the previous autumn and overwinter on the tree to blossom in early spring. Birch foliage is mid to dark green, arranged alternately on branches, and in most species ovate in shape and with indented margins. Birches are good ornamental trees and are important to the nursery trade in temperate areas.

Specie Vernacular Zone
alleghaniensis 4-9
Betula 3 caerulea 4-8
Betula albosinensis 6-9
Betula alnoides 8-10
Betula celtiberica 7-10
Betula chinensis 4-9
Betula davurica 3-9
Betula ermanii 2-8
Betula fontinalis 3-9
Betula grossa 5-9
Betula kirghisorum 6-9
Betula litwinowii 5-9
Betula mandschurica 2-9
Betula maximovicziana 6-9
Betula medwedewii 5-9
Betula occidentalis 4-9
Betula potaninii 4-9
Betula schmidtii 5-9
Betula utilis 7-9
borealis northern birch
caerulea big blue birch
lenta 3-9
minor dwarf white birch
murrayana Murray's birch
nana 2-7
nigra 4-9
papyrifera 2-8
pendula 2-8
platyphylla 4-9
populifolia 3-8
pubescens 2-9
pumila 2-8

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