December 16
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Plant Species of the genus Washingtonia

Information about this genus
Name: Washingtonia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These are very hardy and adaptable palms in a well-drained soil. They tolerate full sun, exposed conditions and, once established, drought. Decaying foliage can be a fire risk and is best removed. Propagate from seed.
Description: This genus in the palm family Arecaceae consists of 2 species which come from southwest USA and northwest Mexico. These single-stemmed robust palms have fan leaves in which the leaf stalk extends into the blade as a midrib. The trunks are clothed in old leaf bases that hang like a skirt or petticoat; the decaying foliage can build up into a dense thatch over many years. The leaves are deeply lobed with fibrous margins, while the small, bisexual, tube-shaped flowers can be creamy white or creamy apricot-pink and occur in slender hanging clusters among the leaves. The small fruits are drupes, and each contains a single seed. They come from desert areas where they obtain moisture from springs or streams, and can be seen cultivated in drier parts of tropical and subtropical regions as well as in temperate areas. Both species are best grown in regions that do not experience year-round humidity, and Washingtonia filifera is the more cold tolerant. They are useful for lining roadways and for planting in parklands.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Washingtonia filifera 9?11
Washingtonia robusta 9?11

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