September 26
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Plant Species of the genus Darwinia

Information about this genus
Name: Darwinia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They require a light well-drained soil with some moisture and a little dappled shade. A good mulch around the root area will conserve soil moisture during summer. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain compact shape. Propagate from half-hardened tip cuttings at the end of summer.
Description: This genus consists of around 45 species, all endemic to Australia, with a large number confined to southern Western Australia, growing in moist peat or sandy soil. Mostly small evergreen shrubs, they have small crowded leaves that are often marked with numerous oil glands. The tiny tubular flowers have long protruding styles and fall roughly into 2 groups: those that are clustered into pincushion-like flowers and those enclosed by large colorful bracts giving the flowerhead a bell-like appearance. The flowers of most species are rich in nectar and will attract birds. A number of the highly ornamental, but often unreliable, Western Australian darwinias are available as grafted plants. They are very well suited to growing in containers and this is recommended in frost-prone areas.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Darwinia citriodora 9-11
Darwinia fascicularis 9-11
Darwinia macrostegia 9-11
Darwinia oxylepis 9-11
Darwinia taxifolia 9-10

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