December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Abelia

Information about this genus
Name: Abelia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Propagation is by soft-tip cuttings taken in spring or summer, or by half-hardened cuttings taken in late autumn or winter. Abelias thrive in any well-drained and moderately fertile soil, either in sun or slight shade. All are moderately frost hardy. They are best pruned in winter, when some of the basal shoots should be removed to make room for new growth, and when young, twiggy stems that have flowered have slightly reduced in length. Care should be taken to preserve the plant?s naturally arching habit.
Description: This genus contains about 30 ornamental shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous, belonging to the Caprifoliaceae, or honeysuckle family. Named after Dr Clarke Abel, a British physician and plant collector, the genus has a wide geographic distribution across the Northern Hemisphere, from eastern Asia to Mexico. The plants? main features are the usually glossy opposite leaves and the funnelform or tubular flowers, usually white or pinkish, sometimes with orange blotches, that are borne in profusion through summer. Some species also have persistent reddish sepals which provide an additional ornamental feature after the flowers have faded. In the garden they can be planted singly in a shrub border or as a low informal hedge. Most attain a height of about 6 ft (1.8 m).

Specie Vernacular Zone
Abelia 3 grandiflora 7-10
Abelia ?Edward Goucher? 8-10
Abelia chinensis 8-10
Abelia floribunda 9-11
Abelia graebneriana 8-10
Abelia schumannii 7-10
Abelia triflora 8-10
Abelia uniflora 8-10

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