December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Acanthophoenix

Information about this genus
Name: Acanthophoenix
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: At home in any mild climate, from warm, frost-free temperate to tropical, Acanthophoenix is undemanding and will thrive in most well-drained soils that do not dry out entirely in summer. When young it benefits from light shade and protection from strong winds. Propagate from seed, which germinates more freely if it is soaked before sowing.
Description: The sole species in this genus is a feather palm native to the Mascarene Islands, located east of Madagascar. It is an attractive plant that is seldom cultivated but which makes an interesting garden specimen. With its narrow trunk and crownshaft it resembles the more commonly grown bangalow palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana). However, this palm needs to be sited more carefully because until the trunk is tall enough to carry the fronds above head-height the vicious spines on the frond bases can be unpleasant if one strays too close.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Acanthophoenix rubra 10-12

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