January 20
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Plant Species of the genus Acca

Information about this genus
Name: Acca
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: The feijoa likes a sunny position and well-drained soil of moderate fertility. It is very tolerant of exposure and even salt-laden winds near the sea, and can be clipped to form a dense hedge if desired. Mature plants will survive moderate winter frosts but in cooler climates will thrive better against a wall that traps the sun?s heat. Cross-pollination, preferably by another plant not of the same clone, is needed for good fruit production. Named varieties are propagated from cuttings or grafting, but seed-raised plants are just as ornamental, if lacking fruit quality, and are more reliable pollinators.
Description: This South American genus of the myrtle family consists of 6 species of evergreen shrubs and small trees that bear a guava-like fruit. The simple, smooth-edged leaves are usually paler on the underside, and attractive small flowers with fleshy petals and conspicuous stamens are borne singly among the foliage. Only one species, Acca sellowiana (syn. Feijoa sellowiana), is commonly cultivated, for its tasty fruit or for ornament, and is easily grown in the same kinds of warm-temperate climates that suit oranges.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Acca sellowiana 8-10

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