December 18
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Plant Species of the genus Acoelorrhaphe

Information about this genus
Name: Acoelorrhaphe
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Easily grown in lowland tropical and subtropical regions, Acoelorrhaphe demands little more than a sunny open position and a plentiful supply of moisture to the roots. Like most palms its growth can be accelerated by feeding with a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Propagation is normally from seed, which germinates readily if sown fresh. It is also possible to divide large clumps, but this is not an easy job.
Description: Only one species belongs to this genus of fan-leaved palms, allied to the saw palmettoes (Serenoa) but taller growing. It comes from the Caribbean region, including parts of the West Indies, Central America and the southern tip of Florida. In the wild it grows in fresh or brackish-water swamps but adapts readily to cultivation in better drained ground. Forming a large clump from a common rootstock, it has slender, fiber-covered stems ending in small crowns of graceful fronds, their stalks with sharp marginal teeth. Flowers are tiny, borne on long branched panicles, but the profuse fruit are more conspicuous.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii 11-12

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