December 13
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Plant Species of the genus Acradenia

Information about this genus
Name: Acradenia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: While the mainland species requires mild conditions and tolerates very little frost, the Tasmanian native Acradenia frankliniae is far tougher and generally adapts well to cultivation, though it still needs protection from hard frosts. It thrives in any neutral to slightly acidic soil that is well-drained, humus-rich and that remains moist through summer. Propagate from half-hardened cuttings.
Description: Members of the citrus family and closely related to the better known Boronia, the 2 species in this genus are large evergreen shrubs or small trees, one from the east coast of Australia, the other from Tasmania. They have aromatic, deep green, trifoliate leaves with a grainy leathery texture. Their white flowers are borne in small panicles, and though small, they can be quite showy and contrast well with the dark foliage.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Acradenia frankliniae 8-10

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