September 24
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Plant Species of the genus Caragana

Information about this genus
Name: Caragana
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Naturally adapted to a temperate continental climate with cool to cold winters and hot summers, these are tough, easily grown plants that adapt to most temperate climates with distinct seasons. They are equally unfussy about soil but generally perform best on neutral to slightly alkaline soils. Trim to shape if necessary but avoid hard pruning because the old wood can be slow to reshoot. Propagation is usually from seed, though cultivars are cutting-grown or grafted depending on the growth form.
Description: This is a leguminous genus of around 80 species of deciduous trees and shrubs that, while seldom spectacular, are often extremely hardy. They are wiry branched, sometimes thorny and have pinnate leaves, often clustered near the branch tips, that are made up of many tiny leaflets. The small pea-like flowers are nearly always yellow, may be borne singly or in small clusters and appear in spring and summer. They are followed by small brownish seed pods of little ornamental value.

Specie Vernacular Zone
arborescens 2-9
Caragana brevispina 6-9
Caragana jubata 3-9
Caragana microphylla 3-9
Caragana sinica 6-9
frutex 2-9

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