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Plant Species of the genus Adenanthos

Information about this genus
Name: Adenanthos
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Woollybushes tolerate only light frosts, but provided the usual protea-family rules are followed?light, well-drained soil, good ventilation, sunshine and little or no phosphate?they are not too difficult to cultivate. Most species respond well to pruning, thinning and shaping, and both the flowers and foliage last well in water when cut. Propagation is usually from seed.
Description: This southern and western Australian genus of evergreen protea-family shrubs includes around 30 species, many of which have become endangered in the wild. The leaves, which are often densely hairy, are variably shaped, being either simple, divided, lobed or toothed edged. Those with especially hairy gray foliage are known as woollybushes. The others are called jugflowers or basket flowers because their tepals are fused to form a long-necked cup or urn, the bowl at the base of which is a nectary. This makes the bushes very attractive to nectar-feeding birds during the spring to summer flowering season.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Adenanthos cuneatus 9-10
Adenanthos cunninghamii 9-10
Adenanthos cygnorum 9-10
Adenanthos detmoldii 9-10
Adenanthos obovatus 9-10
Adenanthos sericeus 9-10

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