December 9
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Plant Species of the genus Adenium

Information about this genus
Name: Adenium
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Adeniums are grown outdoors in the tropics, commonly in pots, tubs and planter boxes; in garden beds they may require measures to improve drainage. In warm-temperate climates they can be grown against a hot, sunny wall but in cool climates they require a greenhouse or conservatory with high light levels. They are very drought and heat tolerant, but watering through summer and autumn promotes leaf growth and prolongs flowering. Propagation is from seed (if obtainable) or cuttings, which should be allowed to callus before planting in a gritty medium and kept warm. Grafting onto an oleander rootstock has been used to produce more vigorous and hardy plants.
Description: Opinions have varied as to how many species can be distinguished in this genus of shrubs with thick stems and showy oleander-like flowers, but the current view seems to be that it consists of a single, variable species ranging all the way from southern Arabia through eastern and central Africa as far as northeastern South Africa. Within this species there are a number of subspecies, some with extremely swollen, succulent stems?these are prized by succulent-plant enthusiasts. The less succulent forms are popular ornamentals in tropical gardens around the world, displaying their striking trumpet-shaped blooms in clusters on rather gaunt branches that may or may not be leafless at time of flowering. Like many other members of the oleander family, Adenium bleeds copious milky sap from all parts when cut or broken, and is believed to be poisonous. The fleshy leaves, widest toward the apex, are unusual in this family in being spirally arranged rather than opposite or whorled.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Adenium obesum 10-12

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