January 19
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Plant Species of the genus Adenocarpus

Information about this genus
Name: Adenocarpus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most of the species are not very frost hardy and in cool climates are best planted against a sunny wall. Soil should be very open, well drained and on the dry side. Like most brooms, they adapt poorly to warmer climates with a long wet summer. Propagate from seed or half-hardened tip cuttings.
Description: A legume genus of the broom tribe, Adenocarpus consists of 15 or so species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs. The majority are found in the western Mediterranean region, but a few are native to the Canary Islands and Madeira and as far east as Turkey. They resemble Genista in having smallish leaves divided into 3 leaflets, and yellow pea-flowers in terminal spikes. Distinctive features are bark that becomes rough or flaky with age, leaves clustered in crowded short shoots, and sticky seed pods. Some species have proved attractive garden plants, suited to mild climates but often short-lived.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Adenocarpus decorticans 8-10
Adenocarpus foliosus 9-11
Adenocarpus viscosus 9-11

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