December 18
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Plant Species of the genus Adenostoma

Information about this genus
Name: Adenostoma
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Apart from an intolerance of heavy or repeated frosts, these shrubs are tough, adaptable and long lived. If trimmed to shape when young they can be kept compact but they could never be called neat bushes. They are drought tolerant once established and generally prefer fairly light soils that are well drained and not inclined to be waterlogged in winter. Plant in full or partial shade with shelter from strong winds and propagate from seed or half-hardened cuttings.
Description: This genus from southwestern North America is composed of just 2 species. Belonging in the rose family, the Rosaceae, they are evergreen shrubs or small trees with fine, aromatic, heath-like foliage, resinous young stems and leaves and peeling red-brown bark. They produce panicles of scented, small, white flowers in spring and early summer.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Adenostoma fasciculatum 8?11
Adenostoma sparsifolium 8?10

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