January 20
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Plant Species of the genus Agathosma

Information about this genus
Name: Agathosma
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These plants should be grown in neutral to acid, humus-rich sandy soil with added grit in full sun. In areas that get frost in winter they are better grown in containers. They can then be grown outdoors in summer, ready to be taken in as the weather gets colder. They need moderate watering during the growing season and feeding with a balanced fertilizer once a month. Watering should be reduced as the weather becomes colder. The plants need to overwinter in frost-free conditions, even if some species can survive short spells of 32?F (0?C). Propagation is from seed in spring, in lime-free compost with added grit, or from ripe cuttings in summer.
Description: These 135 heather-like shrubs and subshrubs belong to the family of Rutaceae, and are native to the southwestern Cape in South Africa. There is some commercial cultivation for buchu oil (a diuretic), which is also used in artificial blackcurrant flavorings and various herbal treatments. Most of these plants are 15?24 in (38?60 cm) tall and slightly less in spread. The plant is densely covered with small narrow leaves, often rolled at the edges. The small 5-petalled flowers are in axillary clusters or umbels, ranging from white through to red-mauve and occasionally yellow. The whole plant is aromatic.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Agathosma betulina 9-10
Agathosma crenulata 9-10

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